Hey! We're MayaYael C, and Yael W.

We head BizDev, BizOps, and Comms/Content teams 

at a fast growing tech company

based in TLV and NYC

As we look around us, outside of our company, we realize there’s a leaky pipeline: women start off professional careers but few charge on and reach senior positions. That stuff leads to bizarre statements like the one on the left, which, for us, was a big wtf moment.

We wish we had more women mentors along this leaky pipeline, to hear us out, give advice, and point us in the right direction. But there aren’t a whole lot of women mentors available to us, and that sucks.

We want to be the mentors we wish we had, so we want to make sure we’re available for other women in tech who need to vent. Who need help with a work/life dilemma. Who ask themselves, wtf is a work/life balance anyway? Who have a professional challenge we can help with, from one of our fields.

While we don’t have all the answers, we’re willing to share what we know, because we believe that women mentoring women is as powerful as it gets.

We get it.